Monday, March 11, 2013

Watercolours and acrylics: The Little Mermaid

The background was done with watercolours and the little mermaid plus fishes were made with handcut stencils and acrylics. Please respect the copyright even though the Disney's little mermaid image is not mine, this work IS.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Toxic Fruit

This is another art project where we were supposed to create a "cross disciplinary" piece of art. I was inpired by Dimitri Tsykalov skulls and Martin Bergström hand-painted fruit, I think I literally took both ideas and mashed them together but added a little "spookiness" to it.

I used neon paint and black lights and of course my own hand to take these pictures. At the back of my mind I was thinking of Snow White's poisoned apple and the idea of the "forbidden fruit" and how we all succumb to evil at some point... Muahahaha! That's a little overboard but you get my point, the apple represents evil and my hand grabbing it simple human temptation. Enjoy! These took hours and days to make.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lush haul!

I was walking around town and decided I needed a new lush mask and my favorite one is Brazened Honey, as I was paying the girl told me they had stuff in sale and I was like WHAT!? WHERE!? so I bought a few more things. 

So I got the shampoo Rehab which is Retour dans le droit chemin in french, I've had this before and it's nice, certainly nothing out of this world to me, but since everything was 50% off then why not?
This shampoo smells fresh to me, like there's a touch of mint in it, and it smells sweet and like some sort of fruit juice, I know this description is awfully vague but it doesn't have a specific scent, not that I can tell.

I got 2 shower gels that Ive never had before, Its Raining Men and Flying fox, I know that Its Raining Men is supposed to have the same scent as Honey I washed the Kids or whatever it's called. To me that soap smells like nothing, literally I cannot smell it, however this I obviously can for some unknown reason. The scent is very very sweet, its described in the website as  tuffee-fudge but to me it smells like condensed milk, with caramel and a touch of honey. I don't know If I'll like it but I hope so!

Next there's Flying Fox, I had a sample of this ages ago and can't remember anything, this is another one I can't describe its scent, I can smell a blend of essential oils and indeed there is jasmine, yling ylang and palmarosa. It is a very nice smell, it is strong though not like Its Raining Men which I find very subtle.

Next I got Brazened Honey. This mask is supposed to detoxify your skin, this is what lush says:
"Brazened Honey was inspired by traditional Indian ayurvedic principles, which put emphasis on balance as the foundation to health. Helen combined fresh free-range eggs and honey to soften, with astringent lime oil, antiseptic rosemary and exfoliating ground almonds. Kaolin reaches deep down into pores to pull out dirt and impurities, leaving your skin noticeably brighter and fresher. Our deepest cleansing mask, Brazened Honey is the perfect way to revive sluggish or congested skin."

 I love this mask, I feel like it really cleans my skin, it feels a lot softer and smoother. It has a very very strong scent, I smell honey and some sort of herbal concoction. To me it smells lovely but I can see some people disliking it for it. It is a "harsh" mask because it has exfoliating beads in it and also the ingredients in it which are antiseptic etc. I have sensitive skin but I like strong skin care because it works for me and I can handle it but if I use this twice a week for 3 weeks by the third week my face is burning if I try to use the mask again. I know it doesn't sound good but I like it and I feel like it cleanses really well.

Now on with the lipstick! I have been wanting this lipstick for such a long time and I finally have it. I got Confident which is a lovely wine shade, it has a subtle silver metallic sheen. They are lovely lipsticks and feel like liquid lipsticks, it's not drying at all but of course it transfers, but it's fine because it wears down to a nice stain with a little sheen left.

The Vallinary perfume is my favorite vanilla perfume of course! It's not like sniffing vanilla extract you use for cooking because that is very sweet. This perfume is almost musky, very deep, a true, non chemical vanilla scent. When I wear this people tell me I smell like a cake but I don't think it smells like cake, it's a refined  vanilla scent that is more mature, more grown up that Pink Sugar for example

Friday, December 7, 2012

GlamourDollEyes Swatches

I have way too many of these eye shadows, but aren't they pretty to look at? I have a little over 30 I think so lets start with the swatches.

Lets start with the browns

 From left to right in all pictures: Show off, Behind the scenes, Brown eyed girl, Boyfriend sweater, Dinospotz, The perfect cure, Chocoholic.
Applied dry
 Applied wet with flash

 Applied wet without flash

The pinks 

Order from left to right: Just bitten, Love affair, Secretive, Cajun

Applied dry
Applied wet

The blues!

From left to right: Dusk, Ahoy Sailor, Mingles, Veteran, Ladies night.
Applied dry
Applied wet

The greens!

Applied dry, from left to right: Martini olive, Island chic, Radioactive

The Purples!

 From left to right: Feline Fatal, Victorian, Premonition, Shaded orchid, Girlfriend sweater

Applied dry
Applied wet

The reds!

 Order from left to right: Her revenge, Spider sense, Lovers lane, Taylor
 Applied dry
Applied wet

Golds and Silvers!

 From left to right: Trophy wife, Grease Lightning, Katie's storm, Pistol pistol

The Whites

 From left to right: Angel wings, Skin of a killer, Cloud coverage